Bachata, Merengue y Musica Dedicada a las Madres

Bachata, Merengue y Musica Dedicada a las Madres (Dedicated to Mothers)

These songs are dedicated to Mom, touching on a variety of themes and emotions, From stories to remembrances, serenades to homages. They sing of love, dedication, sacrifice, loss, joy and pain. Eladio Romero Santos sings of his sweet mother’s infinite love being a gift from God. Aventura tells a story of a mom’s tremendous sacrifice trying to raise a child alone. Teodoro Reyes says that he can’t trust in friends, only in his Mama and his lover. Luis Segura cries of a tremendous pain he carries, that he can only tell to his Mother. Raulin Rodriguez, Juan Bautista, and Luis Vargas sing of losing and missing their greatest loves, their moms. Other artists sing of having to leave home and being away for Christmas. Fernando Villalona serenades Mothers, Ramon Orlando sings a beautiful dedication, and finally Jose Manuel Calderon sings a Mother’s Day tribute backed by a mariachi bad. Dedicated to Mom!

Estas canciones son dedicadas a las madres, tocando una variedad de temas y emociones. Cuentos, recuerdos, serenatas, y homenajes. Las canciones son del amor infinito, la dedicación, recuerdos bonitos, el sacrificio, perdiendo su mamá, el dolor, y la que es sagrada. Dedicado a las Madres!

1. Madre Mia by Eladio Romero Santos

Emotional dedication to a mothers infinite sacred love. Bachata/Bolero


2. Amor de Madre by Aventura

Story of a mothers tremendous sacrifice raising a child alone. Bachata


3. Mis Dos Estrellas by Teodoro Reyes

Songs that speaks of the only ones that he can believe and trust in are his mother and lover. Bachata


4. Solo a Mi Madre by Luis Segura

Luis cries that he carries a pain that he can only tell to his Mother. Bachata/Bolero


5. Homaje a Mi Madre by Raulin Rodriguez

Homage to his Mom. Guitar Merengue


6. Mi Padre y Mi Madre by Fefita la Grande

Song of her leaving her Mom and Dad and their hopes for her. Merengue Tipico


7. La Casita de Mama by Juan Bautista

He sings of his Moms little house, the loss of his Mom, and his own fast living. Bachata


8. Una Canción para Mama by Jaycee

A song dedicated to Mom. Bachata


9. Si Yo Me Voy Mama by El chaval y Los Infatiles de Amargue

Asks his Mom not to cry if he leaves and speaks of her true love. Bachata


10. Lamento de Hijo by Cuco Valoy

Singing of a sons regreat. Salsa/Son


11. Mi Madre y Yo by Kiko Rodriguez

Remembering his mom who has passed on. Bachata


12. Serenata a Mama by Fernando Villalona

Serenade to Mothers. Ballad


13. Madre Mia by Sergio Vargas

An old Mother and a leaving child. Merengue


14. La Navidad Sin Mi Mama by El General Larguito

Christmas without Mom. Merengue Tipico


15. No Hagas Sufrir a Tu Madre by Gil Soriano

Sings of a mothers sacred love. Bachata


16. Mama Vete Con Dios by Luis Vargas

Cries of the pain of losing and being in the world without his Mom. Bachata


17. Viejita Santa by Jose Manuel Calderon

Dedication for Mother’s Day. Mariachi


18. Mama by Ramon Orlando

Touching tribute to Mothers. Ballad