Adam Taub & Bachata Class

Adam Taub is a documentary filmmaker, bachata researcher and dance teacher. Adam has, for over a decade, had broad experience in the world of Bachata. He has lived in the Dominican Republic and conducted extensive research, in-depth video projects, and recorded interviews with bachata legends.  Adam is widely recognized for his innovative presentations and the unique pedagogy he has developed for teaching bachata dance and musicology. Adam has been invited to teach and present his work at dozens of national and international salsa and bachata festivals, libraries, cultural centers, and universities. He resides in Colorado and regularly teaches Bachata classes, workshops and privates there, in cities such as Denver, Boulder, & Fort Collins.

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Bachata Dance Workshops

Bachata dance workshops are available for festivals, studios, and universities involving a variety of content including foundations, basic steps, footwork, partnerwork, timing, musicality, and styles.

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Book A University Visit, Lecture, or Workshop

I offer a variety of engaging university, school & library speaker programs that may incorporate dance workshops, lectures, multimedia presentations, film screenings, and classroom visits. We explore Dominican and Bachata culture, history, identity, dance, and music. Departments such as Latino & Caribbean Studies, Spanish, Anthropology, music & dance have organized past events. Click here for more info.

Multi Media Presentations

Multimedia presentations and lectures on Bachata music and dance, history, culture, and styles are available for universities, studios, schools, festivals, libraries, and congresses.


Documentary Film

The Duke of Bachata is a documentary film by Adam Taub, that follows Bachatero Joan Soriano, from the Dominican Republic as he struggles to make it in music and support his family. The film also features bachata musicians Edilio Paredes, Leonardo Paniagua, El Chivo Sin Ley, iASO Records and more. Adam is available for screenings and can include Q & A, class lectures. In addition to the Duke of Bachata Adam has other feature documentary films such as La Quinceañera and Juana & Cande: A Dominican Family Portrait.


Bachata Research, Interviews and video

I have been doing music and dance research, film work, and interviews in the Dominican Republic and around the world for over a decade and continue research on a variety of topics. I present this work during workshops, festivals, university, library visits, and on my website, blog, Youtube channel, and Facebook page.


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Bachata workshop at La Rumba in Denver, Colorado

Bachata workshop at La Rumba in Denver, Colorado

Bachata Music & Dance Blog by Adam Taub

Visit my Bachata music & dance blog to explore various topics such as Bachata history, culture, events, teaching tips and more. Deepen your knowledge and explore various concepts. Recent posts involve "What does Bachata Mean?" & "Bachata Rhythm & Timing in the DR."

Colorado Bachata Workshops & Privates

Adam Taub resides in Colorado and regularly conducts Bachata classes and workshops in cities such as Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Greeley, and Loveland. He is also available to give privates, individual, or couples classes focusing on Bachata social dancing from the Dominican Republic, musicality, and history. Contact him for more info.