University Lecture & Workshop Program w/ Adam Taub

I offer a variety of engaging university and school programs that may incorporate dance workshops, lectures, multimedia presentations, film screenings, and classroom visits. We explore Dominican and Bachata culture, history, identity, dance, music and much more. Please review the information below for a sample of past university programs, topics covered, and how to book a program with Adam Taub.

Adam Taub Latin American Studies Music & Dance Lecture
“Combining multimedia clips with embodied knowledge, Adam’s work came alive and was greatly enjoyed by his audience members.”
— Prof. Christina Baker of The College of William & Mary

What do I offer?

1.Lectures & MultiMedia Presentations

I offer lectures and presentations on Bachata music, dance, history, and culture, in addition to the documentary filmmaking process. I also explore other genres found in the Dominican Republic such as Merengue, Son, Palos, and Dembow. These engaging presentations include videos, interviews, and photos that I have collected during more than a decade of fieldwork in the Dominican Republic. They can be tailored to focus on specific topics suited for your department or class. I can include topics that involve history, culture, styles, race, social issues, the marginalization of Bachata in the DR, Dominican rural life, identity, migration issues, The internationalization of Bachata, women in the genre, cultural exchange vs. appropriation, DR dance styles, and Respect, boundaries, communication and safety within social dancing. 

2. Dance Workshops

I have been teaching Bachata and Merengue dance workshops at festivals, studios, universities, and schools around the globe for a decade now. Workshops are suitable for all experience levels and are open and welcoming. Bachata foundations, partnerwork, footwork, essence, culture, musicality, along with communication, safety and respect for partners is explored.

3. Class Visits

Classroom visits may involve a lecture, Q&A session, dance workshop, or presentation, and can be organized along with campus wide events. Classroom visits allow us to delve into more specific topics relevant to the particular class such as fieldwork techniques, gender in Latin music, race in Bachata, ethnomusicality, and ethnochoreology.

4. Documentary Film Screenings & Q&A 

I have a number of longer form documentary films that are available for screenings along with a filmmaker Q&A. They have screened at numerous film festivals and have been invited by departments such as Spanish, Ethnic Studies, Anthropology, Latin American Studies, Caribbean Studies and more.

Films include:

Juana y Cande: A Dominican Family Portrait" The documentary film "Juana & Candé: Un Retrato de Una Familia Dominicana" shares the story of a married couple and their family, living in the countryside of The Dominican Republic.

The Duke of Bachata The Duke of Bachata is a documentary film by Adam Taub, that follows Bachatero Joan Soriano, from the Dominican Republic as he struggles to make it in music and support his family. 

La Quinceañera La Quinceañera (2006) is an intimate portrait of Ana Maria and her family as they work to celebrate her quince años (15th birthday) in the border city of Tijuana, Mexico. This 41-minute doc film captures the spirit of a young Mexican woman’s 15th birthday celebration, known as the Quinceañera. Taub uncovers the struggles, challenges and rewards of the celebration. 

For Questions about booking Adam Taub for a Bachata dance workshop, lecture, or multimedia presentation at your school contact


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What do others say about the program?

Read this article by Prof. Christina Baker from The College of William & Mary in Global Voices Journal.

Adam Taub is not only a documentary filmmaker with many awards and credits to his name, but is also a highly regarded practitioner in the world of Latin/o dance. He joined William & Mary on November 1st, 2016 to give one of his innovative multimedia presentations and Dominican bachata dance workshops. Combining multimedia clips with embodied knowledge, Adam’s work came alive and was greatly enjoyed by his audience members.

With over 70 people in attendance, this unique opportunity brought together faculty, students and community members. From the community, dancers traveled from Norfolk to learn from Adam’s embodied pedagogy while local Dominicans came to reminisce about home. Faculty and staff from Theatre, Speech and Dance, Hispanic Studies, Latin American Studies and the School of Education sat amongst students from Hispanic Studies, Latin American Studies, Film & Media Studies and organizations like the Monroe Scholars, Latin American Student Union and William & Mary Salsa Club. On the dance floor, students, faculty and community members got to know one another as they rotated around the room practicing their new dance moves. Bridging disciplines and conversations, Adam’s talk and workshop created a rich interaction for all.

Beyond his talk and dance workshop Adam’s presence was felt on campus throughout the week as he made appearances and offered guest lectures in courses such as Hispanic Studies 207: Cross-Cultural Perspectives, American Studies 470: Blatinx: Black Identities in Latin America and Latin American Studies 350: Latin American Cultures, Society and Politics. His film, Duke of Bachata (2009) was also screened on Thursday, November 3rd, in Botetourt Theatre.

This event was made possible by the support of the Reves Center for International Studies, the Roy R Charles Center for Academic Excellence, Dean Homza, Hispanic Studies, Latin American Studies, Film & Media Studies, Africana Studies, and Anthropology.

Link to Global Voices Article

Previous Program posters

Below is a sample of past program posters. I have been invited to present at Universities including Tufts, The College of William & Mary, City College of NY, Indiana University, Univesity of Washington, CU Boulder, Oklahoma State, UNC Greeley, Colorado State University, and more. I also have taught at numerous Bachata and Latin Dance festivals around the world. View my photo Gallery!

Schulze Speaker Series at UNC Poster. Caribbean Rythms: Exploring Dominican culture through Bachata music and dance.

UW Caribbean Dance and Music Presentation brought by the Latin American & Caribbean Studies, and M.A.S. Movement AfroLatino Seattle.

Bachata F.L.OW. Festival BACHATU

Dominican Bachata: Exploring Embodied Memories and Oral Histories. Reves Center for International Studies, Hispanic Studies, Latin American Studies, Film and Media Studies, Africana Studies, and Anthropology.

Who organizes the event? What Department sponsors The Event?

I have have been brought to speak by many different university departments and individuals. Often various programs partner and work together. Sometimes an individual professor or graduate student takes the lead. I have been sponsored by college speaker series, campus clubs, departments, museums, Latin American resource centers, professors, graduate students, fraternities and sororities. Departments such as Spanish, Latino & Hispanic Studies, Caribbean Studies, dance clubs, Anthropology, Ethnomusicology, Ethnochoreology, Ethnic Studies, Black Studies, Africana Studies, and International Studies have all organized events. 

Book and Organize a University Lecture and Dance Workshop with Adam Taub

Please contact me at for any questions regarding organizing an engaging event at your school, content speaker fees, and logistics.

Adam Taub Lecture Presentation Mathers Museum of World Cultures IU
On the dance floor, students, faculty and community members got to know one another as they rotated around the room practicing their new dance moves. Bridging disciplines and conversations, Adam’s talk and workshop created a rich interaction for all.
— Prof. Christina Baker of The College of William & Mary

Adam Taub Bio

Adam Taub is a celebrated documentary filmmaker whose credits include The Duke of Bachata (2008), a feature documentary on emerging bachatero Joan Soriano, of Monte Plata, Dominican Republic. The film captures in beautiful detail the highs and lows of Soriano’s compelling struggle to product a hit CD, and ultimately, find success as a bachata musician. At present, Adam is finalizing the editing process of his most recent feature documentary about a family living in rural Dominican Republic.
Beyond documentary filmmaking, Adam has had broad experience in the world of bachata. He has lived in the Dominican Republic and conducted extensive research, in-depth video projects, and recorded interviews with bachata legends. He is currently engaged in a groundbreaking research project exploring bachata dance in the Dominican Republic, New York City, and around the world.

Adam is widely recognized for his innovative presentations and the unique pedagogy he has developed for teaching bachata dance and musicology. Adam has been invited to teach and present his work at dozens of national and international salsa and bachata festivals, libraries, cultural centers, and universities.

Bachata History Presentation Class w/ Adam Taub

Bachata Research, Presentations and Dance Workshops